TITOLO: Action, let's climb! History of mountaineering and climbing film

               Versione in lingua inglese del libro "Ciak, si scala!"

AUTORE: Roberto Mantovani

ANNO: Giugno 2020

EDITORE: C.A.I. - Club Alpino Italiano

Alpinism, and thus mountaineering and climbing – recently proclaimed an Intangible Cultural Heritage for humanity by UNESCO – might perhaps not be surrounded by the same allure if it had not portrayed in art and literature down the centuries. However, the “seventh art” of film, thanks to its simultaneous reproduction of sounds and movements, has best rendered the potential and exploits inherent in the action of individual and group mountaineering.
Accompanying us through the history of mountaineering film from its origins up to today, this volume aims to explore the evolution of narrating through images over 120 years of history as different narrative and filming techniques in the high altitudes were adopted.
The result is a lively compendium that conjures up scenes and emotions of our association with mountains that has undergone profound change during the 20th century, in step with the historical events that have shaped the culture of the modern era.
The many pages brimming with photographs, posters and period film frames thus take us on a fascinating adventure of discovery from the initial pioneering “silents” and black-and-whites, via the early 20th-century Matterhorn up to the extreme feats digitally reproduced in the third millennium. From the Alps to the Himalayan titans, the history of mountaineering is recounted in the light of the magical world of celluloid, illustrating why the thrill of the summit has arrived in the cinemas and the homes of every one of us.

Roberto Mantovani, journalist, edited Rivista della Montagna for almost 20 years. From 1995 to 2000 he worked for the Museo Nazionale della Montagna. He has written more than 30 books on a mountain theme, ranging from the history of mountaineering to skiing, from mountain culture to hiking and trekking. He was a permanent collaborator on RAI 2’s TGR Montagne programme for several years. Today he works freelance, collaborating on the monthly Montagne360 and on the National Geographic’s series Le Montagne Incantate, as well as editing the magazine Camminare.


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